In the modern naval battlespace, the threat of torpedoes poses complex challenges for not only submarines, but also surface vessels. As the capabilities of torpedoes have advanced, the need for more sophisticated defense has as well. RAFAEL and DSIT have developed a one-of-a-kind solution to address this urgent operational need: a comprehensive torpedo defense suite for surface ships. This innovative suite includes the highly effective Blackfish and Monkfish Torpedo Detection and Alert Sonar (TDAS) Hull Mounted Sonar (HMS) systems, which are designed to work continuously while the ships are at sea and equipped with the latest technology to actively detect, classify, track, and alert on incoming torpedoes.

In addition, the suite features RAFAEL’s ground-breaking TORBUSTER SP hard kill decoy, which can be strategically mounted on ships to deceive and neutralize incoming torpedoes, providing critical seconds for the ships to maneuver and evade attack.

The TORBUSTER SP can defend against both passive and active torpedoes, as well as wake-homing torpedoes. In the case of passive torpedoes, TORBUSTER SP can simulate the ship’s acoustic signature to lure the torpedo away from the vessel. For active torpedoes, it can provide a near real-time tailored response based on the torpedo’s transmission. The TORBUSTER SP is designed to neutralize incoming torpedoes and prevent re-attacks.

RAFAEL and DSIT’s torpedo defense suite is a force multiplier that provides surface ships with ultimate protection against torpedo attacks, giving ship operators a qualitative edge at sea.