Invisible pangs


Is China helping Pakistani terrorists to contain India?

China is pursuing a different state policy under the visionary leadership of Xi Jinping which is not very much known till date to contain some of its adversaries.

The new smart policy is pretty similar to what United States and Soviet Union pursued during the Cold War era to inflict damages to each other’s enemies.

The secret Chinese support to some of the Pakistani terrorist outfits are coming out quite openly as it continues to support Jaish e Mohammed led by Masood Azhar and Haqqani Network under various pretext.

Chinese thugs belonging to the CPC politburo and certain State Council bodies, a crony venture of Jinping, and its intelligence networks are conjoining with Pakistani military outfits such as JeM, HN, Afghan Taliban and LeT for the support to its ambitious China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

China is also secretly helping Haqqani Network in restive tribal region of Pakistan to inflict casualties on US and NATO troops whom Beijing thinks could be a major obstacle to its strategic forward policy in Afghanistan and Central Asia.

While JeM and LeT provide support to contain India and give stability to smooth implementation of CPEC in troubled Pakistan occupied Kashmir region which India also claims as part of its own territory, Afghan Taliban and Haqqani Networks provide safety to Xinjiang corridor of CPEC.

Even Chinese Ministry of State Security, its external intelligence agency, has a special agreement with Taliban not to allow ISIS cadres from Nangarhar province to north-east direction towards Xinjiang.

China is facing the heat from ISIS and Tehrik e Taliban of Pakistan (TTP) which pose threat to Chinese strategic and economic interests in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia.

China’s policy to work with non state actors is not new rather it has been a well thought out policy for some time in which Chinese military and state intelligence services provide money and other assistance to destabilize other states in the region.

China’s continuing support to JeM and LeT is a brazen example and Beijing has never condemned Haqqani Network activities in Afghanistan.

Chen Wenqing, the present Chief of MSS, is keen to play a lead role in bringing certain terrorist outfits in Afghanistan and Pakistan under a guided platform which can advance Chinese interests in South Asia and Central Asia.

His predecessor Geng Huichang, who just relinquished office, was a high flying VIP to Pakistan and brokered peace deals among various terrorist outfits who were fighting among themselves.

In fact, informed sources said, Geng had also visited Taliban representative in many occasions in Pakistan.

The Chinese support to various Pakistani and Afghan outfits are quite brazen these days and Chinese embassy in Pakistan hosts some of the Taliban supporters in various parts of Pakistan under the garb of cultural exchanges.

China has also engaged its domestic intelligence agencies to coordinate with the Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence and certain outfits in pursuit of special information and advance intelligence.

Both Guo Shengkun and Zhou Yongkang, heads of Chinese PSB, have had very special relations with Pakistani outfits. Even they played a role in selection of Taliban succession process.

Thus, China’s insistence to protect Massod Azhar could be part of this drive as Beijing wants to offer protection blanket to some of the outfits who follow Chinese agenda and help advance Chinese interests in the region.

Now it appears China has made up its mind to use these outfits for its economic and strategic interests in the region. Therefore, Pakistan-China security cooperation is going to take a new dimension in years to come.