Killer machines

Robotic technology for modern warfare Growing military investment in robotic technology-by the US as well as some 40 other nations-indicates that robots are rapidly becoming an important piece of tomorrow’s military arsenal. One of the most profound changes in modern warfare is the astonishingly rapid rise in the use of robots on the battlefield. Robots can easily and safely perform tasks that would otherwise endanger human lives, and do so faster and more efficiently than is possible with conventional methods. Military missions can be incredibly boring as well as physically taxing, and robots are proving attractive for roles that fill...

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Swift battlefield

Aerospace command and new concept of operations Aerospace command and execution of new concept for operations are now at the heart of all warfare but the challenges are from over due to the need for better technology and higher management of conflict zones. The challenges of emerging threats, new technologies, and the velocity of information […]


Dangling waves

Future of radar technology in warfareSince the technological parameters are fast changing, the radar systems are making lot of changes where it is being combined with advanced materials, solid-state modules, digital signal processors, and complex A-D converters that can give a better look to military and civilian users who need the best possible capability in […]


Raging fire

Impact of Saudi-Iran rivalry in MENA region Diplomats and officials of Saudi Arabia are privately revealing that if the present Gulf crisis persists it may lead to a round of war where Iran may take side to spread its influence. In recent years, the foreign policies of the Gulf Arab states, namely Saudi Arabia, the […]