US expects good outcome from G20 meet

As the top leaders from around the world have already started arriving in New Delhi for the G20 meet, all eyes are set on the arrival of the US President Joe Biden. Prime Minister Modi will be welcoming the leaders of all countries individually at the newly-inaugurated Bharat Mandapam at Pragati Maidan where he will also host a lunch on Saturday followed by a gala dinner hosted by the President. The mega meet will mark the culmination of the India's year-long G20 presidency where nations will share their commitments towards solving issues affecting the nations. The US focus will be...

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Will Russia-China absence impact G20 outcome?

Will Russia-China absence impact G20 outcome?   Indian Government is confident that the outcome of the G20 Summit will not be impacted despite the decision by the leaders of Russia and China to skip the event hosted by New Delhi. But it indicates the deeply rooted global dynamics of power play and rather this Summit […]


Bundeswehr successfully concludes laser weapon trials at sea

In June 2022, the German frigate “SACHSEN” successfully completed sea trials of the Laser Weapon Demonstrator (LWD) following its integration on board. The development, construction, and support during these trials were overseen by the High-Energy Laser Naval Demonstrator Working Group (ARGE), a collaboration between MBDA Deutschland GmbH and Rheinmetall, under the coordination of the Federal […]


West to focus on grain deal crisis at G20

With all eyes fixed on Delhi – the epicentre of the upcoming G-20 Leaders Summit, the global arena is poised for pivotal discussions and momentous decisions by leaders of the world’s most influential economies. Given the prevailing uncertainty surrounding food grain exports, rising prices, and depleting grain reserves, nations grappling with these issues may raise […]