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NSG fall out: China’s counter move to stop India at global stage

China has become a teacher in matters pertaining to non proliferation regime and issues involving its conduct among technologically superior nations who are holding signing of NPT as criteria for entering into NSG club.

In contrary China is one of the biggest proliferators in the world, perhaps the largest one in terms of volume. By proliferating it successfully held its strategic flanks to control India and Japan till date.

China single handedly destroyed the very foundation of NPT regime and its possible evolution after becoming the messiah of proliferators. Indeed, NPT moved towards the bottom of the spiral when China was clandestinely supplying nuclear and missile material to Pakistan and North Korea.

China cannot escape this truth even if it is 11 trillion dollar economy and tries to be the next hegemon of the world to ensure its global interests and enhance the base for newly defined nationalism that the Han majority preaches to other people.

On one hand China is strong at a macro level but at a micro level China is weak. This contradiction always haunts Chinese leadership to look for greater acceptability. Only Mao had earned acceptability as first chairman no Chinese leader has it till date.

During the recently concluded NSG summit in South Korea, China behaved nasty and with cheap mentality. It did stop India’s entry into the so-called elite group of nations who control and regulate nuclear trading and cooperation.

Expose thoroughly

The question comes if the NPT is succeeding then how come we have North Korea, Iran, Libya and Pakistan who are relentlessly trying to acquire more sophisticated hitech nuclear material for their secret programs.

China violated NPT brazenly under Mao Zedong and the philosophy was NPT is far from an equitable bloc because China had not figured in the world stage as a great nation at that time. China was challenging how two super powers, US and Soviet Union, can decide everything about the world.

When India is doing the same, how P5 can decide everything, China has a different logic for itself. India questions the credibility of nuclear haves who decided NPT in a club fashion in 1967. But China is teaching about the procedures to stop India’s entry into NSG.

When in 2008 India got a clean waiver in NSG China did agree and the issue was solved for once and all. But now when India wanted a statutory right as a full member of NSG, China has raised objection on the already resolved ground. India was a non signatory to NPT in 2008 and so as now.

This is an old mentality and parochial approach in international relations. China will have to decide whether it wants good relationship with India or not.

Since Chinese economy is shrinking really fast, it needs bigger market access in all over the world to keep floating its successful economic story to the world and its own investors. Thus, China will need India more than India will need China at least in near term.

May be later India will get into the same situation as China has got into today. But by then China may not be a beautiful bride, or some new markets or blocks may have emerged to give India similar market access toe.

Now about the NSG meeting fiasco which China orchestrated in Seoul, there is no context to it and it has no relevance except delaying India’s entry. China is too small to stop India at this stage. It is a new and open world in which China fumbles despite its large economy that is five times bigger than India’s.

It is not always money or wealth that can bring laurel to the nation. China’s growth is phenomenal in last 20 years no doubt. In law of nature what comes quickly also goes away quickly.

For China to behave like a teacher in proliferation is not only laughable but worrisome as it will annoy the Chinese leadership which is thriving on false of sense of security and pride.

All through the history it has been seen that China collapses suddenly right from Tang dynasty to Chiang’s dynasty. Everything happens all of a sudden.

However, Jinping is showing to the world that he is powerful and stable. The power he accumulates today has increased the number of his enemies. Buddha once said that victory breads hatred. There are already coup attempts against him in China in recent months.

His propaganda machine is also fading out due to rise in foreign going Chinese students who get a different experience after visiting other nations. Even in case of NSG meeting, China had already placed its propaganda machine with articles ready at hand to be planted against India.

Interestingly, Chinese politburo uses a so-called mouth piece Global Times to send out its venom and thoughts in which it warns and scolds Indian media and elites. It is childish but it shows the Chinese suppressed anger.

By the way, Chinese elites are far more inhuman and uncivilized than Indian elites. Indeed, elites everywhere bear same resemblance except change of their colors.

Look at their possession of ill gotten wealth as President Jinping has launched his targeted anti corruption drive against top ranking Chinese communist officials one can see how filthy rich they are due to proximity to establishment.

China’s behavior was a passive surprise to some Indians and government establishment who were thinking that China will follow suit automatically when many others start supporting Indian bid.

Undeserving candidate

Since China is already behaving like a super power, it was expecting that India will pay obeisance to the Middle Kingdom to get its entry.

China tried to play its card first as innocent player and when it realized that it has been exposed summarily it showed its true color by attacking India in a simmering way.

First the denial came that China was not responsible for the fiasco and then came it only went by the rules. In this case, China conveniently thinks that rest of the world will listen to its own version because the politburo is talking through Global Times.

Once, Dalai Lama said that Chinese communists are different from other Communists because Chinese have mastered the ‘art of lie’ so well that truth will sometimes find it difficult to survive.

It clearly shows China has everything in its possession in terms of material gains but it does not have truth in its side and still lacks courage. It must learn to talk openly and hidden agendas will always crumble at one point.

Even Chinese leaders tried to spread lies and create a wedge by saying that if United States had truly lobbied for India then the result would have been different.

Even it is known already to many Indians that the US paid lip service in some respect. Obama is a weak president, for Americans and rest of the world. His way of thinking has no punch.

But what China did counts for India. Simply, China has baffled many Indian leaders for years with its double speak, treachery, lies, old mindset and disinformation from time to time.

For example, a Chinese leader will pay a visit to India and then next day their troops will launch a cross border incursion. Then one will blame the other.

Anybody who has slight understanding of Chinese system should understand that it is a matter of strategy. No military man will ever cross the border of another country or its adversary, unless there is clear signal.

What China is saying without using words is that China is already another superpower at global stage so India needs to pay its respect if New Delhi wants a membership in NSG. Even the confused politburo said in the same Global Times that follow our leads. This means obey us.

In another way, cut a deal with us and then we will support. India realized that cutting a deal with China could be too pricy to pay as NSG membership has no real value.

At some point, NSG will crumble as China has damaged NPT. Because technology is fast changing and most technology can be dual use depending upon the intention of the party. No one can control the flow of knowledge and technology can be born out of it. The best example is how Iran reached its nuclear goal.

On the other hand, India was too shy to talk to China and probably wanted to avoid a direct contact with Beijing leadership. Since India and China have many contentious issues to resolve, India’s fear was perhaps right.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has understood China but only partially. Unfortunately his officials are yet to get to know the real China and its friendship towards India. China has already considered India as an enemy country.

Nobody in India even gave a mild attention to its nasty analysis in Global Times which only offers China’s mindset. Whenever China becomes stronger it attacks its neighbors.

Thus, India should not place relationship with China as a top priority. There is no need for giving Chinese companies any incentive to come to India.

Modi should be careful on one count that China is envy of his popularity and the Chinese are quite upset how India is becoming darling of the world when China is wealthy. So Beijing may try an attempt what it did to Nehru to ruin NAM and India.