STRATEGIC AFFAIRS is an online military affairs publication of Stratcore Group. It covers a wide range of defence issues involving military strategy, weapons as well as various platforms, and geo-politics involving Afro-Asian region while focusing on India.

The magazine’s prime contents are well researched and it covers the following issues:

  • Defence policy
  • Military strategies
  • Futuristic technologies
  • Advanced R&D in military affairs
  • Various regional strategic development
  • Energy security
  • Military alliances
  • Technological impact on futuristic warfare

The magazine is widely read by defence policy makers, politicians, military strategists, armed forces officials, strategic advisors, defence industry executives and foreign policy analysts of Asian and African nations.

The publication has a legacy of more than 16 years producing various critical content for the policy makers and its reports are widely acclaimed on various occasions, mainly during the application of new technologies in the Indian Armed Forces.

Since India has opted for a robust “Make in India” program, many defence industry bodies and officials also consult this publication for their futuristic strategies.

Since it is privately funded independent publication, it’s credibility is quite high and reliable.



STRATEGIC AFFAIRS invites media partnership proposals from various trade bodies and organizers of defence exhibitions around the world under certain terms and conditions.

So far, the magazine has attended more than 50 high profile defence shows and military exhibitions from Western Europe to South East Asia. Since the magazine is widely read in Asian and African region, the editorial coverage draws better attention of such events.

During special defence shows, Strategic Affairs, gives special coverage to companies and their products on commercial basis.



Strategic Affairs also publishes advertorials and special supplements with 30 days prior notice.

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