August 7, 2022
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The Quad of USA Japan Australia and India has been upgraded

India’s Coast Guard can support the QUAD relieving navy of some functions

The Emergent Force Posture and Roles of the Indian Coast Guard
Coast Guards play a vital role within the ‘national fleet’ of any maritime power 
India's economic and security policy towards Indian Ocean
Whoever controls the Indian Ocean, dominates Asia. This ocean is the key to the seven seas. In the Twenty First century, the destiny of the world will be decided on its waters
A critical review of Indian Coast Guard
India’s geographic significance in the Indian Ocean and its natural resources with a long coastline and islands has generated extensive opportunities
The Indian Coast Guard

In the existing and emerging geo-strategic scenario centred on IOR and IOR-SLOC, and the emergence of Indo-Pacific as a geo-strategic space in itself, the role of the Indian Coast Guard as a benign police man of the shared seas is going to increase rapidly – and it should be prepared and equipped to meet the commitments, responsibilities and tasks.

Firefighting by ICG off SriLankan Coast
Indian Coast Guard (ICG) created yet another maritime history of a kind by responding and coordinating a major firefighting operation onboard VeryLarge Crude Carrier (VLCC)“MT New Diamond” wherein the entire highly inflammable cargo “Kuwait ExportCrude” was protecteddespite raging fire and intermittent explosions.
Increased mobility
Increased mobility A recent study conducted by the University of Michigan
Multispectral sight
Multispectral sight Warfare in complex terrain
Identifying threats
Identifying threats A crash course on how to recognize jamming
Augmented technology
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017: Augmented technology