August 7, 2022
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We Protect

DG Natarajan PTM,TM,Director General of Indian Coast Guard, in a candid interview with Ms Arti Bali from Strategic Affairs, spoke in detail about ICG’s vision, cooperation, challenges and future role

Precision target
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017: Although North Korea has last week launched its first ICBM test since mid-September, prompting concerned world leaders to prepare for another or more, the real target seems to be Japan than US going by recent trajectory tracking of missiles.
Old mindset
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017: Across the Amur River, which forms the border between Russia and China, the People’s Liberation Army is all set to deploy new types of short to medium range missiles aiming towards Russia.
Opening a berth
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017: China is looking for a permanent submarine and warship berthing facility in the newly created Gwadar Port of Pakistan and four submarines are likely
Invisible pangs
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016: China is pursuing a different state policy under the visionary leadership of Xi Jinping which is not very much known till date to contain some of its
Sharpening paws
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2016: India is planning to upgrade INS Vikramaditya aircraft carrier to give it a special capability to hit the targets with more accurately and high level of lethality
Uncut deal
JULY-AUGUST 2016: As the post-NSG meeting in Seoul has erupted with spat between India and China as the latter was asking for clearing procedural hurdles to secure membership
Holy sinners
MAY-JUNE 2016: The probe into Agusta chopper deal may have brought out some new facts into the public domain  about the involvement of top ranking officials in India but the deal was cleared
Protective shield
MARCH-APRIL 2016: Amid tensions in the Asian region due to growth of terrorism and geopolitical ambitions of some rouge nations, the United States has been making fresh offer to
Virtual sanctuary
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016: The Islamic State is using Internet as prime source of reaching out to carders among South Asian origin people and find new recruits in the region who are net