February 21, 2018
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Iran is likely to send military troops if Qatar makes a formal request    General Raheel Sharief advocated Russia and China entry into Muslim NATO         Pakistan to get Naval Access in Hainan Islands in South China Sea for 50 years          China may intervene in the war against North Korea only in a limited way          Maldives wants to lease five more islands to foreign countries for military purposes          India to announce soon about special privileges for Male in India in defence segment          Russia may open dialogue with Taliban soon          China forms a new directorate for underwater naval surveillance          India-Pakistan secret talks may take place next month          China is ready to send more defence personnel to PoK for CPEC          Saudi Arabia planning to change US Dollar as solo currency basket          China to hurt economies of smaller ASEAN countries which are claimants in SCS          Indo-US cooperation may take a fresh into naval operations in Indian Ocean          China may impose ban on flying of foreign military aircraft in South China Sea          IS is keen to lure jobless youth from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan for recruitment into terrorism          The US to monitor Chinese submarine movement in Malacca Strait and Indian Ocean          Two Chinese state owned companies are suspected to have paid USD 5 million to Rajapaksa during election campaign          Iran warns Pakistan not to intervene in Yemen          Taliban to send 5000 recruits to Afghanistan this summer          Telangana wants to be India's next defence and aerospace hub          Sri Lanka may deny China further submarine access          The US may offer USD 4.5 billion arms package to India during Obama visit           ISIS is recruiting cadres from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, mainly students from universities and software professionals          China may send 3 more submarines to Sri Lanka and Pakistan in near future          China may follow Russian model to annex Hong Kong as fully integrated with mainland          China warns India on South China Sea investment and offers partnership for energy exploration, India shuns its Asia Pacific policy          Pakistan may dump Taliban soon over a new outfit that is more loyal to Pakistani military          Nepal will go for a new treaty with India by end of November          India may reorient its foreign and strategic policy towards Central Asia soon          Manohar Parrikar may be next Defence Minister          Iraqi government asks India to deal with Sunni insurgents directly to free hostages          Western intelligence agencies could be behind attack on Indian mission and kidnapping of Indian aid worker in Herat, Afghanistan          Malaysian flight MH370 could be victim of high level intelligence operations          UPA Government is trying to appoint Vice Admiral Dhowan before May 15 as next Navy Chief to clear last moment small deals          Corruption in sub-standard wiring led to Sindhuratna mishap, Indian MoD officials could be involved          Sri Lanka to expand naval presence in Indian Ocean in near future          Nepal to give access to Chinese military for bilateral cooperation          CIA may have tried to trap Indian diplomat         Russia is closely monitoring Chinese ADIZ in East China Sea          Japan may deploy missile defence to counter China in East Sea          China may set up air defence identification zone in South China Sea by April 2014          US and EU may impose sanctions on Bangladesh if violence is not contained          India puts pressure on Sri Lanka to implement devolution of power and protect Tamil minorities interests           India's Mars mission gives Indo-US hi-tech ties a fresh momentum           India warns international community that Maldives will plunge into a civil war if it fails to handle the present crisis          To outsmart Chinese vision, India and Russia will implement a project to connect Asia-Europe strategic, energy and trade corridor in future          The US ship MV Seaman Guard Ohio, which is now seized by Indian authorities for carrying illegal weapons, is suspected to be supplying weapons to Somali pirates          US will thin down troops from Middle East and look for a more proactive role in Africa to fight terrorism           If US continues to maintain military offensive posture towards Syria, Russia may deploy anti-missile system in the Mediterranean Sea to send a strong message of its role          China to integrate ASEAN region by road, rail and sea to enhance sphere of influence by 2020                    Iran will enhance presence along Iran-Afghan border to keep close watch on Taliban activities            The US asks India, Pakistan and Afghanistan to form a joint regional mechanism to deal with Taliban in post-troop withdrawal period starting next year

Killer machines

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017: Growing military investment in robotic technology-by the US as well as some 40 other nations-indicates that robots are rapidly becoming an important piece of tomorrow’s military arsenal.

One of the most profound changes in modern warfare is the astonishingly rapid rise in the use of robots on the battlefield. Robots can easily and safely perform tasks that would otherwise endanger human lives, and do so faster and more efficiently than is possible with conventional methods. Military missions can be incredibly boring as well as physically taxing, and robots are proving attractive for roles that fill what are called the three D’s (Dull, Dirty, or Dangerous).

At a basic level, robots are defined as automated machinery with the ability to sense,



Detecting intruders

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017: Todays threat environment has placed increasing demands on border security agencies to protect the public, secure borders and appro

Comprehensive approach

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017: Coastal security is still a major concern for India despite lot of measures being taken post 26/11. After the Mumbai attacks in 20

Scanning eagles

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017: With India’s expanding maritime zone of interest covering the entire Indian Ocean and extending to South China Sea from the M

Restricted mobility

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017: The recent Doklam standoff between India and China has taught a lesson that technology, quality manpower and topography should all

Protecting shores

JULY-AUGUST 2017: Given the huge seascape that surrounds peninsular India’s 7500 km coastline, the combined maritime assets of the Indian Navy, th

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Weapon of choice

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017: Most navies are now setting their eyes in acquiring state of the art underwater unmanned vehicle which can not only boost their sur

Swarming bees

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017: The role of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in modern warfare has evolved with each successive conflict, from naval gunfire support

Neutralizing threat

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017: The rapid evolution of small unmanned air system (sUAS) technologies is fueling the exponential growth of the commercial drone sect

Emitting pulse

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017: The battlefield scenario is continuously changing with sophisticated emerging technologies and therefore the operational enviro

Versatile platform

JULY-AUGUST 2017: India is looking forward to position itself for a more ambitious role in the region as a maritime security provider. India is willing

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Growing threat

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017: Piracy in Asia-Pacific region is growing and the pirates are graduating from mere bandit like organization to a full-fledged regula

Complicated vision

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017: China is venturing into Africa with lot of fanfare but there is an increasing worry in the minds of policy makers what could happen

Vanishing hope

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017: Libya is again turning into a failed state and rule of law may evade the tiny North African nation for another decade or so as hund

Unending violence

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017: A fresh outbreak of violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state has caused hundreds of thousands of Rohingya civilians to flee to Banglades

Strategic goals

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER2017: With the opening of its first overseas military base in Djibouti, China has clearly sent a message that its role in the world is

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Interview with Air C

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017: Considering China’s aggressive military posture along LAC, how well prepared is Indian Air Force to protect India’s territory, sovereignty and integrity. The threa

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Old mindset

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017: Across the Amur River, which forms the border between Russia and China, the People’s Liberation Army is all set to deploy new types of short to medium range missiles aimi

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North Korea is playing a calculated game

The North Korean issue is fast snowballing into a major challenge to global security by the reclusive regime which is clamoring for war. Indeed, the war rhetoric suits Kim Jung Un’s regime m

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