August 7, 2022
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Time to go
South Africa is looking for a new leader As a nation, South Africa is losing its credibility in view current crisis in the African National Congress party and its impact on the government. South Africa’s socalled popular President Jacob Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle has raised many eye brows recently which were followed by the shock of two financial ratings downgrades. It seems Jacob Zuma’s personal behavior is not liked by many South Africans who think Zuma does whatever he wishes, and neither Parliament nor his party will control him. Feeling out of control is profoundly stressful, and when combined with a sense of hopelessness and senselessness it can be deeply damaging to individuals and to society. Facing the facts is uncomfortable, but discomfort is sometimes necessary and productive, as long as South Africa makes sure it leads to productive action. In the same way, a fever or pain indicates that there is a problem which the ANC should not ignore. South Africa's ruling party recently faced one of its biggest challenges since the end of white minority rule in 1994, struggling to resolve a leadership crisis amid increasing calls for scandal-tainted President Jacob Zuma to resign. Top leaders of the ruling African National Congress met Zuma at his Pretoria residence recently for a discussion that one delegate had said would focus on the "best interests" of the party and the country. However, there was no public announcement about the results of the meeti
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