August 7, 2022
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Dangling waves
Future of radar technology in warfare

Since the technological parameters are fast changing, the radar systems are making lot of changes where it is being combined with advanced materials, solid-state modules, digital signal processors, and complex A-D converters that can give a better look to military and civilian users who need the best possible capability in small, compact, and efficient packages.

Radar - short for radio direction and ranging - has been with us for nearly seven decades, when British systems designers first deployed this technology to give the Royal Air Force early warning of Nazi bombers crossing the channel to attack cities and towns in England.

In those days a radar contact was just a blip on the screen; it did not offer information on the size or type of the contact, and provided only rudimentary information on the contact’s speed and direction.

It is almost impossible to understate the value and importance of radar to the Allied effort during World War II in terms of being a real game changer.

Put simply, radar may have been the decisive factor in the British victory in the Battle of Britain in the spring of 1940.

Today’s radar technology is every bit as decisive as it was during the Battle of Britain,
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